A freeware graphic utility for overlaying two images in any relative position.

Merge the two images in many different ways. No need to worry about relative positioning or image size/scaling differences.

Batch merge files from a directory with a single image file of your choice.
Useful to watermark all your images in just one hit.

Runs on: Windows Vista, 7, 10

Download V2.5 here Have a look at the Merge screen here NEW: single file batch merge
New feature: Batch merging with a single text file.
  • Merge whole pictures with adjustable blending modes.
  • Batch Merge files with a single image - useful for watermarking your favorite images.
  • Type up or paste in text of any font, size and color and merge it with an image.
  • Smoothly blend in just part of a source image to the final result.
  • Copy back the merged result back to a "source" image and rescale or reposition it for remerging. This results in ineresting effects.
  • Rotate either or both 'source' images before merging them.
  • Generate surreal effects on the final image. (see below for examples)
  • Set any relative positioning of the images on top, side by side or overlapping. See an example of a quadrant merge.
  • The image formats for loading and saving are BMP,JPEG,PNG,TIF,TGA,PCX.

  • Watermarking

    Typical example of a watermarking image on the left resulting in the final image on the right.




    The screenshot example here shows many facits of MERGE such as simple merging, smooth blending, rotation and inserting of text.

    Note that using "Change Source 1" (or 2) button and the "Current Target" button it is easy to merge more than two images or text in any combination.

    Click to see

    Batch Merging of images

    The batch_merge dialog box here allows merging of a single (watermark) image in source 1 to be merged with all the files in turn from a seperate image directory which you select by loading any image from it, this will be source 2. (It is source 2 because it is loaded AFTER source 1.)

    For each and every input file in that directory, an output file of the same name is generated in a new sub-directory called 'output'.

    Relative positioning, scaling, merge parameters and brightness and contrast are all set up before running this command. If you don't like the result then simply setup the parameters again and retry. None of the originals are lost.

    If the watermark image is text then a good tip is to set the merge method to 'greatest' if white text or 'least' if black text.

    Click to see it.

    Check out the new batch-merge feature with a single text file to give unique watermarking text for each image.


    With MERGE you can smooth-blend part of a source image to the destination.

    Here are two source images: the cat for source 1 and the dog for source 2 (it becomes source 2 as it is loaded after the cat.)



    Surreal effects

    There are several choices of effect: Blur, edge, emboss sharpen, soften

    This example was generated by selecting 'emboss' followed by smooth blending of one source image against another.

    "Articulate Effects"

    These are another selection of surreal effects.

    The image on the right is a colored pencil draw effect: click on it to blow it up


    These images demonstrate an artistic brush stroke effect: again click on the right to expand it.


    And again . . .


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