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Welcome to S_Merge V1.6

A versatile image merging graphic editor that runs on: Windows 7, 10

Batch combine pictures with options for perspective / affine transforms, visual effects, collage photos, watermarking images and more.


Typical examples of the use of S_Merge

Pre-Processing commands

You can optionally make any combination of any number of pre-processing adjustments to the individual 'source' images prior to merging, batch merging, batch processing (one-file-at-a-time), collaging or to just one image.

Each source image can have its own unique sequence and number of commands.

perspective transform sample


Align window sample


Images can be blended on a per-pixel basis:

This example was generated by selecting 'darkest' above. The bird was on a white background, and the image was smaller than the flower image. Small sections of the flower image were also made transparent behind the bird.

A blending example

Batch processing and merging of images

Probably the most powerful aspect of S_Merge, this allows automatic and repetitive application of any or all of the features above on many image files.

An example of a smoothed edge of an image
Batch merge flow diagram

Send Target to Source

There is an option to send the completed target image to a new or existing 'source' image.

This allows merging of any number of images.

Interesting 'echo' effects seen by putting spin and scaling on a source and repeatedly sending the target back to the same source.

First part of sending a target to a source
Second part of sending a target to a source
Registering S_Merge ensures free updates and support !!!!

Download S_Merge v1.6 ====> 32 bit version
SHA256 checksum:

Download S_Merge v1.6 ====> 64 bit version
SHA256 checksum:

Registration for one version is registration for both.

The 64 bit version will run much faster and is able to generate far larger target images.

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