Welcome to S_Merge V1.5

  • An image blending program that can can merge up to 8 pictures or text in any combination.
  • Create collage of images side by side and/or top to bottom.
  • Split the completed image into a set of tiles where each tile is saved to a unique file.
  • Optionally skew, distort, smoothly make transparent, and more to any input image.
  • Registering S_Merge ensures free updates and support !!!!
  • Runs on: Windows 7, Vista and XP

S_MERGE is a very versatile tool for merging existing images. Total flexibility in relative alignment of the images such as scaling, relative positioning and rotation is allowed simply by mouse clicking and dragging to stretch, position and spin them anyway you want.

After aligning you have several options for blending them together. You can fade the edges of one or more images prior to overlaying giving an attractive seamless join without the inappropriate edges seen as a result of merging images of different sizes and positions.

There is an option to send the completed image to new 'source'. This allows merging of any number of images.

Examples of collage, rotation, 'source' image distortion effects:

Smoothly blend in one part of an image into another:

Here is an example of adding a watermark to an image:



Example of adding text to an image.

Example collage of images with header text.

Four rotated images with a background and margin.

    The background can be another image.

Process individual images before merging them:

Examples of different ways of merging the images to the target:

As well as different ways of blending/overlaying the images, the relative weighting or 'importance' of each source image can be set.

Yet more choices exist for marking zones within images to be transparent, thereby giving greater prominence to other images at that area. This transparent zoning can be rectangular with hard edges or zoning can be done smoothly.

The target image environment also allows setting of the background 'base' color, margins widths/height and colors.

Split the final image into tiled images:

This is a target image that we wish to split into tiles.

With one command, save them into separate files, one per tile.

Up to 10 tiles high and 10 tiles wide.

Please be aware that some sites put a button that appears to invite you to download S_Merge when in fact it downloads something else!!! ---- be vigilant.

S_Merge antivirus report at download3k.com Download Software S_Merge video tutorial at softoxi.com